Health Promoting Massage by Cherry Reflexology by Chuck
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Services and Rates

       Investing in Bodywork is an investment in your health.

 Massage by Cherry - Reflexology by Chuck

      "Everybody deserves a massage" 

   Including you!!!!     Call for your Appointment

 Current Price Menu

         $30 Reg. Treatment [Feet or Hands]

       $50/60 Min's - Both Feet & Hands


$35/40 Min's
$50/60 Min’s        $75/90 Min’s

Massage & Reflexology Treatment Combo     

$55/30 Min's of both usually done simultaneously 

$70/30 Min's Combo includes 60 Mins of Massage {most popular}

Face Mask with Massage of Face and Hands
$35/40 Min's

$10.00 Surcharge for first visit.

$10.00 Surcharge for same day Appointments.

 Free Hot Stone Massage (in house only) when time permits.

Virtual Massage Lesson
$30/60 Mins

Business/Employee Chair Massage or Reflexology

$20/15 Min. Chair Massage or Basic Reflexology Tx.      $15/15 Min. for 2 or more recipients
$30 for both Treatments - Ask us about Parties
Can be a Special Party or attend an existing get together.
Travel fee may apply

It's Party time! Chair Massage and Reflexology

Massage and Reflexology; 3 hours of Bodywork for only $200.00 for both therapists=360 minutes of bodywork.
Guests may pitch in to defray costs. Do you desire a shorter or longer party? Party times can be 1 to 8 hours.
Call for
618 559 6302 more details.   Cobden, IL 62920 
Travel fee may apply

Bed & Breakfast/Cabin Massages

 $70/60 Mins {No travel fee for a 15 mile radius from Cobden}

Please call [618] 559-6302 for faster service,text message or email Tks.

Travel Fee
15 mile radius from Cobden free, +$0.50 for every additional mile traveled.

Plus $15.00 extra if a Massage Table is transported to home.  [Except Cabin Massages]

Absolutely no Refunds for Services Rendered!!!

Ask about our pricing for special situations, Namaste!