Health Promoting Massage by Cherry Reflexology by Chuck
Heal the World one Massage @ a Time!


Cherry, thank-you very much for the relaxing massage on Sunday. Your prices are fantastic and the experience was well worth it! I have never felt so comfortable and relaxed. You have really thought about your clients, and anticipated their every need. I will return, and tell all of my friends and guests. Thanks again!
Thank you for the massage that I received, and I honestly felt sooooo much better in my arms & back area.

I hope to see you next month again.

Cherry did a great massage. I had never had one, and she explained everything, made me feel very comfort. She applied the right amount of pressure. She is more than willing to be available to the client when the client needs them, instead of just what is convenient for her. She is a very down to earth person. I will be going back. I urge others to visit her and let her massage the stress away. Great Job, Cherry.

Cherry is great -- I have had a lot of massages, but Cherry is the most intuitive massage therapist I have ever encountered in terms of figuring out what needs work. I highly recommend her!

Very good!  Will return, Cherry was very focused on making me feel healed & relaxed.

Thanks so much for the wonderful Therapeutic Massage!  I was definitely the lucky one.  

Great, very friendly, never felt better!  Will recommend to everyone. K-Inboden

"Absolutely Amazing!!  Dedicated Forever!  I feel like a brand new person!  Every Achy spot was hit.  Great Job!  Thanks again!!!
Love, Peace"  Melissa Cagle LMT

Relaxing, peaceful, healing!  Very professional, very skilled and    personable.  Spa surrounding is good atmosphere CLEAN, client orientated.  Felt very good helped my knee - no swelling now for 4 days. 

"Cherry is great - I have had other good massage therapists, but she is the best at being in tune to your individual needs.  She is also always learning and trying new things, so you are always in for a new treat!" 

"Cherry, gives the best massages I've ever had.

So far, I have had (4) full body massages from her and felt totally relaxed after each one.  I also had (2) other friends receive full body massages in my home and afterward they both said they felt so great and this was their best massage ever.

Time wise she gives you the full time and then some to ensure that you receive your monies worth. 

She wants to be informed about your medical issues, medications, and any problems for which you have special concerns. She listens to what you say and pays particular attention to your problem areas.

I highly recommend her services to anyone either female or male.  Her credentials are impressive and indicates her dedications to her skill. 

I've never been sore or ache after the massages but just comfortably relaxed."


"After waking up in excruciating back pain of unknown cause, I called Cherry and was lucky to be worked in that afternoon.  Two hours later I was pain free, relaxed, and feeling so much better.  I was afraid the pain would return overnight but woke up the next day feeling better than I ever had before. 

Massage by Cherry is absolutely the best.  She takes the time to find the places that need work need work through acupressure points as well and the whole body benefits by her extra care and attention.

Thanks Cherry!!!!"

Lorie Allen, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master

Testimonial from Candy Davis, singer, song-smith:

"I suffer from muscle tension in my shoulders ad low back.  But after one of Cherry's through massages, my muscles are pliable and pain-free.  As a nurse, Cherry is a caring professional and very knowledgeable about  how to treat the human body.  So come get a massage from Cherry in a peaceful, holistic atmosphere at her place in the Shawnee Forest.  Listen to soothing music and let her massage your skin with aromatic, healing oils.  Give yourself an early Yule gift of healing massage from Cherry."

Best wishes for a good Yule, 


"One of the best massages I've ever had!"
Ray Smith, Carbondale, Illinois

"Best massage I ever had!!!"

"The massage was wonderful! We will definitely be back for more.  Everything was very professional!

It was so great!

Doing CNA work is hard on one's body, pulling & lifting people all shift long.
After Cherry works on me, I feel like a new women, able to go to work & say, "let's go".  No pain for about  1 & 1/2 months!


The Best Massage Ever!!!