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 Treat the Feet & the Body will Follow! 

 Reflexology by Chuck Mason.

Reflexology by Chuck

By Appt.

Chuck Mason RF

Awesome deal:  Try our Combo.

Simultanous Reflexology & Massage

only $20 more to add Reflexology to a Massage session.

Highly effective Treatment!!!! 


Chair Massage & Reflexology Parties 

           Surprise your staff with a

   Chair Massage & or Reflexology Break!!!!

 [50 cents a mile trip fee starts once over 15 miles of Cobden, IL]


Virtual Massage lesson


Live too far from Cobden, IL.? Or just want to learn how to do massage or have someone @ home learn how to work on you? Try Virtual Massage Lesson, call for Appt. 618/559-6302. Then click on PayPal on
Special Deals and Gifts page to pay a $30. choice.  Please follow up with email or text or contact for questions.  We will Connect per Skype or Facebook live chat for lesson. 

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